Landlord Home Emergency Insurance

Landlord home emergency insurance can be provided as an optional extra with the majority of landlord home insurance policies. It can help recover the costs of out-of-hours call-outs and repairs that arise as a result of an emergency situation.

The policy will provide emergency assistance 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Even if your tenant has a burst pipe over the Christmas period, for example, you should be able to resolve it under your policy.

You’ll be covered for various situations: water mains or electricity supply failure, plumbing and heating problems, boiler breakdowns and burst pipes, sudden leaks caused by roof damage, sewer problems and blocked drains, damage to the doors and windows that causes a security risk and sudden pest infestations.

Policies can also cover overnight accommodation costs for tenants if the emergency means the property is unfit to live in. They can also cover inconveniences, such as gaining access for the tenant if they have lost their keys.

Costs vary, depending on the cover levels you choose and the specific emergencies that are covered.