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Household Insurance Services

Household insurance will protect you from events that damage your home or your property such as fires, floods or burglaries. If your home is destroyed or damaged by such an event, having the appropriate insurance cover in place could mean you will be paid to rebuild or repair your home and replace your belongings.

Home insurance is divided into buildings insurance and contents insurance. These can be bought separately or together, so you can be covered, no matter what befalls your home.

Buildings insurance typically covers your property’s physical structure including the roof, floors and walls. It also covers your permanent fixtures and fittings, including fitted wardrobes and your kitchen, for example.

It can also cover outdoor structures such as your garage, shed and fence, or any cables, pipes and drains connected to your home, as long as they are your legal responsibility.

Contents insurance covers the items inside your home, such as your furniture and clothes.

Contents insurance will cover everything inside your home that you can remove and take with you when you leave. This includes furniture, your clothes, white goods and usually your carpets. We’ll help you to take out the appropriate household insurance policy to cover the items you need to insure.

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