Farm Combined Insurance

Farm combined insurance cover provides a single policy that simplifies your insurance needs, no matter how complex they might seem. From small farms to large rural estates, our policy can be used to cover just about everything, giving you complete peace of mind.

Use our farm combined insurance to protect buildings and machinery, livestock, personal accident, business interruption, liability, house and contents.

Our typical policy will cover the basic requirements for most types of farm in the UK, but we also understand that no two businesses are the same. Our experienced underwriters will provide brokers with the necessary support to help customer’s secure bespoke cover, tailored to your specific needs.

Let us know if you hold any industry-standard quality marks, as this may lead to a reduction in your premium.

For peace of mind, contact us today for further information on our farm combined insurance cover.


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Cover Details


Farm Building







Farm Contents

Standard Perils: Fire, Aircraft, Explosion, Lightning, Earthquake, Riot/Malicious Damage, Subterranean Fire, Fire Caused By Its Own Spontaneous Combustion, Electrocution of Livestock, Impact (Including Own Vehicle), Falling Trees.
Machinery, Plant & Implements

Hay & Straw


Silage & Roots

All Other Produce


Dairy Equipment

Walls, Gates & Hedges

All Agricultural Produce

Grain Drying Plant

Growing Timber (Flea Only)

Poultry - Heated

Poultry Unheated

Poultry Appliances

Portable Hand Tools





Fatal Injury To Livestock

By Violent, External, Accidental & Visible Means.









Sheepdogs (Over £500)


Livestock Worrying


Business Money


Goods In Transit

Excluding Livestock And Solent In Respect Of Your Own Agricultural Produce Carried By Your Own Vehicle.


Business Interruption (Revenue Including Additional Cost Of Working)



Other Livestock




Business Interruption (Additional Cost Of Working Only)

12 Month Indemnity Limit


Employers Liability

£10 Million Limit Of Indemnity


Public Liability


Agrilcultural Contracting


Rent Receivable


Livery DIY/Full Number Of Horses




Personal Accident

Person 1


Person 2


Person 3


Uncollected Milk


Frozen Bovine Semen/Liquid Flasks/Nitrogen


Accidental Damage To Oil, Fertiliser Tanks & Contents


Office Contents (All Risks Cover)


Private House Buildings

Property 1


Property 2


Property 3


Private House Contents

Property 1


Property 2


Property 3


Valuables & Personal Effects

Property 1


Property 2


Property 3


Personal Money & Credit Cards


Personal Freezer Contents


Pedal Cycles


Trailer Caravan

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