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Local broker saves Bugle agricultural contractor thousands

Agricultural Contractor Andrew Hoskin of Bugle was less than a week away from his first silage job of the season when his forage harvester caught fire and was destroyed. Thanks to the speedy actions from his local broker, Andrew was able to buy a replacement vehicle and start silaging, saving him thousands of pounds in lost business and costly vehicle hire.

Depending on the complexity of a claim it can take weeks or even months to settle but, realising the importance of this vehicle to the future of Andrew’s business, both Restormel and Rural Insurance leapt into action. Andrew had a new vehicle within a week and could keep his business running.

Andrew is one of many agricultural contractors in the UK that keep farms running up and down the country. According to the Farm Business Survey back in 2011, nearly £500m of agricultural hire work was undertaken, allowing farmers to carry out crucial work without having to invest in expensive machinery or skills training. But sometimes things can go wrong which can have huge implications for both the contractor and the farmer.

Andrew said “we were amazed at the speed with which our broker Restormel Insurance and our insurers Rural Insurance were able to deal with our claim. In just over a week our vehicle had been recovered, inspected and our claim settled with a new machine on site just in time for our first week of the season. We couldn’t be happier with the service received”.

Andrew was able to claim for the cost of the new forage harvester under his Farm Motor policy. Without this insurance it would have been a very different outcome.

“We understand the need and importance to keep clients businesses like Andrew’s running, that’s why I’m pleased we were able to settle this claim quickly, allowing Andrew to continue business as usual” Chris Knight, Partner at Restormel Insurance.

Mark Jones, Claims Manager at Rural Insurance said “we were delighted to resolve the claim quickly as we understand how important contractors are for farms across the UK. We see paying our claims as a positive part of what we do – in 2016 we paid out 98% of claims. Working in partnership with our brokers allows us to work together to settle claims, ensuring businesses keep moving whatever happens to them”.

Local broker saves Bugle agricultural contractor thousands Local broker saves Bugle agricultural contractor thousands